CMXtras are a line professionally developed and maniacally tested integrated enhancements for Kentico CMS, the web content management system. The product line is divided into three levels of integration, each geared towards addressing a specific hierarchical need within a web project. Think of them as pre-formed building blocks to help you get your custom web site off the ground that much faster.

Each CMXtra is designed to save you time by minimizing development and deployment hurdles. If you are looking for extra speed in your production cycle, then consider a CMXtras Web Part, Page Template (coming soon) or Module (coming soon). Every CMXtra comes with 30 days of free technical support.


Tagged, tested and fully documented Web Parts to help you save time. Each Web Part is adequately documented within Kentico CMS, and you can access a library of helpful "How To" videos covering everything from installation to configuration. A great companion for rapid deployment.


CMXtras are Web Parts, Page Templates and Modules developed for web professionals, like you, by web professionals who have already been there. Born from adversity and a heart felt desire for freedom, CMXtras were conceived as the answer to every web professional's desire to meet deadlines without compromise while still having time for the little things - eating, sleeping and a personal life.

We've been there with you - burning the midnight oil and pressing for a workable solution before the next project meeting. And like you, we too know the frustration of showcasing brilliant solutions only to be received with statements like "when will the next piece be ready". That's when passion can turn into sarcasm and professionals are viewed as digital janitors.

This story needs to be told. And the team at CMXtras is taking up the challenge. It's time to refactor perceptions of web development and help each other succeed.


There is a lot of free code out there, but does it really give you the freedom to complete a task and move on to something else? Like many of us, you have probably sought to save time and cost on a project by trying to deploy some free solution. A free solution that ultimately cost you more time trying to make it work in your deployment because it was unstable, unintuitive and incomplete.

Offering up a free web part is like saying "here, try this and let us know if it works in your environment."  But if the code was a complete solution - one that the author placed confidence in - then it would have value to others. Value because time was taken to properly engineer the code, to rigorously test the code and to thoroughly document the code.

In software development, free rarely brings you freedom and almost always leads you to the conclusion that you would have been better off selecting the paid alternative.


If knowledge is the acquiring of skills through experience, then wisdom is knowing when to apply those skills in good judgment. But how can our knowledge be judged if we do not share it?

The average web development or creative agency firm is faced with limited avenues for differentiation amongst it's competition: be faster, be cheaper or be better. All of these require the creation of a competitive advantage by leveraging a closely held knowledgebase of experience. The bottom line is that the professional service firm is always constrained by the quality and quantity of it's professionals. With this approach comes the risks of large payrolls and budding entrepreneurs who take clients and knowledge with them.

Enter CMXtras. In order for our knowledge to become wisdom it requires that we share it with others, like you. Web professionals willing to save time, build leverage and add value to their Kentico CMS projects through the use of a CMXtra web part, page template or module.

The decision to purchase and deploy a CMXtras enhancement is one of value and leverage. Leverage in the form of receiving professionally developed and maniacally tested solutions without having to invest in more staff or production time. Value in your ability bill a client for work that is not based on hourly output, but rather on solving their need.

We hope you will join us on this journey of refactoring the perception of web professionals and software development as more than simply cut, copy and paste operations by digital janitors.

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